Note accuses Michigan handicapped driver of not needing parking spot

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MICHIGAN — A Michigan man found a surprising note tucked in the door handle of his car after he parked in a handicapped parking place.

Matt Milstead, 36, said he found the note accusing him of being an able-bodied person taking advantage of a handicapped spot.

“I would love to see your wheelchair,” the scrawling handwriting said.

But what the note writer didn’t know is that Milstead has been using a wheelchair for nearly two decades.

“I was kind of puzzled why he would leave this note,” Milstead said. “He’d never met me, didn’t know if I was in a wheelchair or not. But, you know, he just assumed that I was someone who just tried to steal a close and convenient spot.”

Milstead’s wife wrote back to the anonymous person on her own Facebook page, saying she is sure her husband would be glad to trade his BMW and handicapped parking pass for working legs and hands for the rest of his life – a trade she doubts the  anonymous  writer would make.

“I never expected it to get to this level. I just  kind of looked at it like oh it’ll just be another, it’ll happen again. But, if I changed someone’s way of thinking, you know, then it was worth it.”

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