UPDATE: Student shot by another student at Albemarle High School; suspect in custody

Davidson Co. mother reports cyberbullying against son

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — A Davidson County mother wants answers after she said someone harassed and solicited sex to her eighth grade son on Facebook.

“Facebook bullying has got to go,” said Brynn Coates, who reported the harassing to Facebook. “I want it taken care of now, that’s my kids.”

Coates said the comments started about two weeks ago and are being made from several accounts, under the names of Macy and Sarah, both believed to be fakes.

Coates has tried to block the accounts, but a new one is then created.

“Now it’s under a different name and the comments are starting to get more vulgar,” she said.

Believing it could be one of his classmates, Coates reported the harassing to her son’s principal at Tyro Middle School and the School Resource Officer, who is investigating.

Coates also reported the problem to Facebook, who said in an email that nothing about the profiles violate their rules, but they are investigating the comments.

“I think parents need to be on top of everything to keep this from happening and keep cyber bulling under control,” Coates said.

If investigators discover who the person behind the accounts is, Coates said she plans to press charges.


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