Thousands in Guilford County could be without child care

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The Guilford County Partnership for Children says more than 4,000 kids could be without child care by the end of October.

The federal government helps low income parents with child care. But due to the federal shutdown, the subsidies are not being paid.

Deborah Foster operates Greensboro's His Glory Child Development Center. Foster says 98 percent of her clients receive federal assistance. Without the federal income, her center might have to close.

"We will have some challenges when it comes to having the rent paid, if we are not getting the income every month.  We will have some challenges keeping the lights and utilities on when the income is not coming in.”

April Neal is a teacher at His Glory Child Development Center. She worries about how kids will learn if area daycare centers have to close.

"The kids depend on these doors being open for them. They are used to the teachers, used to their friends and learning and growing each and every day.”

Child center directors and parents hope the federal government will find a solution to the shutdown and restore child care funding.


  • Jay cee

    Don’t have kids if you can’t afford them or have someone to look after them. Uncle Sam is broke and can’t keep paying much longer.

  • Joe

    They sure can pay for aid over sea’s. Take care of American first. These children deserve to learn as well… They cant help there family has a low income….

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