Brian Vickers, NASCAR’s comeback kid

Thomasville native and NASCAR driver Brian Vickers has been the author of a great comeback story.

Once a can't miss kid in NASCAR, he found himself in a potentially life threatening situation, but through hard work, dedication and the help of some great doctors, Vickers is back and better than ever.

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  • Justin Ludwig

    Being a child of very wealthy parents doesn’t hurt either. I wish I could drive a car doing only left turns and make as much money as they do. What a joke, and not his illness which isn’t a joke, but the fact Americans give millions to “athletes” and forget about everyone who really works hard.

  • Kevin Troy

    Wow! Obviously your not that talented or you would be racing and making millions. There are a lot of nascar drivers who didn’t have wealthy parents who made millions racing. For that matter you don’t have to be a driver in nascar to make a lot of money and have a great career! Get an education and get a job in nascar and then complain about it not being work!

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