WIC program to stop issuing benefits due to government shutdown

Posted on: 4:15 pm, October 8, 2013, by , updated on: 04:28pm, October 8, 2013


RALEIGH, N.C. — Due to the government shutdown, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, also known as WIC, will discontinue issuing benefits starting at the close of business on Tuesday.

DHHS has determined that federal WIC funds available to the state will be sufficient to cover WIC vouchers already issued for the month of October, but not sufficient to issue additional vouchers.

Eighty percent of eligible clients already have been issued food benefits for the month of October.

DHHS advises WIC clients to keep their nutrition appointments and continue redeeming October vouchers and WIC vendors should continue normal operations to accept existing vouchers.

The Department will continue to monitor the daily availability of federal funds and will announce changes if they become necessary.

DHHS encourages families impacted by this change to apply for North Carolina’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps.

While some staff furloughs may be necessary in order to sustain essential program operations as long as possible, DHHS is working with the federal government to identify federal funding to keep local WIC clinics open.

During this time, WIC staff will continue to support clients by providing nutrition education and referrals to local resources.


  • jenn says:

    ah i was just at wic yesterday and was told if this continues then at the end of this month it will then close. not like in days or today! hum??

    • anom says:

      Hum nothing

    • WORRIEDMOM says:

      I was laid off from my job in July, and I will be induced on Friday the 11th. My milk did not come in with my last child and I am afraid my milk will not come in with this one. I have no idea what I am going to do because I can not afford formula. I realize everyone has an opinion, but I do not live off the system and need a little help because Lord knows I have paid my dues………

      • Jillian says:

        Definitely reach out to your community. We aren’t in NC, but would be willing to help you if need. Some communities are creating food drives and facebook pages to help those that will be affected by the WIC shutdown. I know we don’t have much, but are willing to help.
        Your friends in CT.

      • april says:

        I am a le lecha league teacher.milk can take up to 3 days to come in.babies are fine.the colostrum even in droplets provide what baby needs.Google and read lots about breastfeeding.there are so many groups that will help.you got this.Hope you decide to breastfeed either way.

      • Sabine jean pierre says:

        Try constantly putting the baby on the breast, and pumping the milk out. Make sure u store all the extra milk in the freezer. If you don’t get any milk try fenugreek it will help with milk supply. Try eating vegetables, and oatmeal for milk and lots of water.

  • ABR says:

    I certainly hope our elected officials can sleep at night when they lay their heads down with a full belly.

  • Glenn™ says:

    Guess I do not have to pay any TAXES then if this continues.

  • The Elephants will not be happy until “ALL OF” the needy are robbing grocery stores on a daily basis.

  • Jody says:

    My personal opinion: Senate and House seats should be limited to a maximum of two terms in office…then you gotta go, find your own insurance because we are no longer paying you. Just an opinion.

  • anom says:

    These programs and generations of welfare families are what is dragging us down. Why should people live off the system, especially ones who HAVE NEVER PAID INTO IT!!!

    • Ashley says:

      People don’t have to be unemployed to get WIC benefits, totally different program. You can have a full time job & pay all your bills & still get WIC. So yes, most of the people who have WIC do pay into the “system”.

      • ABR says:

        One woman I have seen interviewed is a federal employee. Who is not only furloughed, but now taking away her WIC.

      • Crystal says:

        That is so true because my husband and I both work we have a toddler and a baby on the way, even with WIC I still had to buy 3 cans of $20 each a month. WIC does help, I do pay federal taxes me and my husband both, so I think it is great that you put this comment on here to let people know even hard working and trying to survive families that really rely on help with such programs such as wic

    • Maryannefodor says:

      Good thing bailing out the automakers and the banks has nothing to do with the desperate situation our country is in.

    • Patricia Vigneault says:

      I totally agree – be nice if some (not all) of the people scrounging off the system actually got off their butt and provided for themselves instead of expecting everyone else to provide for them – sad to say, know a few who do and just keep breeding so they can be ‘entitled’ to more

    • River says:

      Not true at all. My father had the same job for almost thirty years, but it still wasn’t enough to pay ALL of the bills my parents had. Taxes paid, bills paid, we still went to WIC because it helped feed my brother and sister and I. WIC also ends after a child turns a certain age, so it isn’t anything like Welfare. WIC HELPS people on low income, it doesn’t prop them up. Big difference.

    • lizz morgan says:

      I’m a mom of three just had a baby 3 months ago we do pay into the system and everything we make goes to the bills. We can not afford formula so I use the wic program and if it gose how do I feed my baby. Now I do bteastfeed but my baby won’t always do that so I have to use formula to. U have no right to say its wrong for ppl to use the system when they truly need it. That’s what it was created for.

  • why not stop the Welfare checks too, THINK OF THE MONEY THE FEDS ARE SAVING.

  • Melissa says:

    As someone who “pays into the system” I don’t mind helping children in need . I would hate for my kids to go to bed hungry, and I hate that these children on this program may have to now . Children should never be punished !

  • rachel says:

    bad for my daughter whos about to give birth in a couple weeks, she cannot afford the formula another things they give you with WIC otherwise, i guess that means she will have to go back to work right away.

    • toughluck says:

      Sounds rough. Having a 7 month old I dont know how we would have made so far……oh wait…yes i do. My wife went back to work and breastfeeds the baby which is healthier and a whole lot cheaper. Yes she pumps on her breaks and cant be gone more than a few hours without having to pump or feed the baby which is tough. BUT that is what you do when you decide to bring a baby into the world, make sacrifices and not live off the government.

      • Misty says:

        You obviously have no idea what WIC is. It’s bread, milk, cereal, eggs, and peanut butter for children under age 5, or baby food for infants. That’s not enough to “live off of” as you say. Most people who get WIC do work, just need some help feeding their children. Most make too much to qualify for food stamps, but not enough to buy groceries after paying rent, electric bill, and gas to get to said job! The program is designed to keep children who are too young for school from starving. For many children, school lunch is the only meal they receive. So if you had your way we would allow children to starve while we sit in judgement of their parents, and pay the fat old guys who did took away their milk a $175,000 salary!

      • You know not all women are able to breast feed I have 4 children I was only able to breast feed one my milk never came fast enough with the other 3 so that is not always a option.

      • Lori Vogel says:

        So what happens when one can’t breastfeed maybe she didn’t “decide”to get pregnant did you ever think of those things the world is not black and white not everyone abuses the system

    • GunGirlNC says:

      Why is she having children if she can not afford to FEED THEM ??? lord this is what the problem is…its only meant for short term

  • Terri says:

    How very sad for the children……

  • KIm says:

    As those in congress to continue to get paid they are literally are taking away food from the mouths of babies. As far as paying into the system, some of those who receive this benefit do pay taxes unfortunately it is at a minimum wage salary. Go live off of that.

  • lovebeinghismommy says:

    To the one talking about just breastfeeding yes that less money and everything but some ladies cant i have to supplement so WIC helps bc formula is expensive and my son needs to eat

  • WOW – I hope this doesn’t go on… My grandson depends on his WIC in order to get milk – as his parents are on a limited income

  • Just so sad I have two children also but they are older now and I have stopped using W.I.C just sad to know some of these babies are going to have to go hungry for a while. Also not every mother can produce breast milk nor can every woman breast freed hope this shutdown doesnt last to long

  • Ashley says:

    Everyone saying switch to breast feeding but the mother also needs to eat healthy to be able to produce for the baby!!! Smh…Think about it….

  • emily bollinger says:

    or how about the women who just cant produce the milk to breast feed I have 2 children an I could breast feed either one of them due to my milk not forming I work 68 hours a week an still need help with wic to get by on formula for my twins every month

  • Stacey says:

    im so glad that im able to work and provide for my children. They are my world and i would fo hungry just to make sure they eat. Wic helps supplements what parents cant get. Yet you cant depend on the government. But yet does the government care, no.

  • April says:

    My sons formula is $30 each a can. I get wic but still have to buy 2 or 3 a month too. My husband and I both work also. We cant afford for wic to close. I ll have to try to switch my sons formula if this happens but hes on a special one for allergies. I wont let him go hungry tho . So he will come first then

  • Alicia says:

    I keep reading the same thing over and over, we just need a few cans or my second child is due and we had abc issue with our first child… Uh, unless you are flat out busted unexpectedly, join the rest of the world and buy your own milk, or use it where it came natural (I know this isn’t always an option) — I’m reading way to much of an expectation for the government to cover you. These services are something you PLAN to use, they are there in emergency times if need…

  • Alicia says:

    I total agree not everyone abuses the system, but that’s not what I’m reading hear.

  • NOEMI says:


  • mankind says:

    More incentive to not be a deadbeat….get a job and dont depend on anyone but yourself

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