Woman doused with gasoline, set on fire in Thomasville; husband arrested

Posted on: 9:53 pm, October 7, 2013, by and , updated on: 10:20pm, October 8, 2013

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — A woman suffered serious injuries after she was allegedly doused with gasoline and set on fire Monday evening following a domestic dispute with her husband, according to police.

Officers responded to the 800 block of Leach Ave. around 7:30 p.m. in reference to a person set on fire. Police said Angela Byas, 33, suffered severe injuries as a result of being burned.

Byas’ two daughters witnessed the assault but were not injured.

Byas was transported by ambulance to Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center and then transported to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center via Aircare where she is currently listed in critical but stable condition.

“Thankfully this woman survived this. Her children are going to need some support, she’s going to need some support, her neighbors might need some support because obviously the trauma of that impacts a lot of people,” said Catherine Johnson, with Family Services of Davidson County.

Byas’ husband, Portugal Byas, 69, was taken into custody without incident. He has been charged with attempted murder and first-degree arson.

“The investigation reveals the assault culminated after a domestic dispute between Angela and Portugal Byas,” said Brad Saintsing. “The victim’s daughters ran from the residence seeking help.”

Portugal Byas is being held in the Davidson County Jail without bond. His first court date is set for November 27 in Thomasville.


  • Gerri Cox says:

    God be with her. I could not find the courage to go on. blessings to family to.

  • Stormy Weathers says:

    After reading about this horrible crime I feel sick.

  • Jennifer says:

    I know her and she is a woman of god and she ill survive this. My god seek the highest punishment for her

  • so awful, does anyone know her name?

  • Stephanie says:

    I know this woman and her family. She has two sweet teenage girls and they are all very loyal and humble servants of the Lord. Pray for the family

  • gracie says:

    I know this women need all God children to pray for a healing for this woman.I don’t see why the sick husband can do this to his wife and? children . He needs to feel her pain now

  • 1badmutha says:

    I get so sick of people asking women why do they stay when the better question is “Why do men hit”? I work with DV victims everyday and just when I think I’ve heard and seen it all something new comes my way….he does not deserve three hots and a cot….he should be kicked to sleep.

  • Jennifer says:

    Her name is Angie

  • Monica Renee says:

    What he did to his wife was cruel, sick, mean, and disgusting.

  • Monica Renee says:

    Someone should do the same thing to him.

  • Monica Renee says:

    They need to keep him locked up, and throw away the key. What he did to his wife was uncalled for.

  • Tom Jones says:

    I’ll bring the rope.

  • Gregory Garcia says:

    Hope she and her children fully recover. The flames he gave her, should be his in abbundance. Prayers to her.

  • Gregory Garcia says:

    I should reword my comment. I hope her daughters recover emotionly.

  • Inell Craddock says:

    What kind of human being could do so.ethi g like this
    I pray for her and her family. She will have emotional as well as physical scares from this. He needs to suffer and suffer hard. I can wrap my mine around any forgiveness for him even thought the bible says we have to forgive. But this one is beyond forgivess.

  • sharon says:

    u so right it dont need forgivess what he need is for some to put gas on him set him on fire let him suffer my prayer are with angie and her framily i hate a man like that he make me sick

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