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Burlington homeowners sick of junk in front yards

BURLINGTON, N.C. – Homeowners are sick of seeing Sofas, refrigerators, and stacks of junk all piled up on front porches.

“It’s not just one person, it’s all over the city,” said George Hill, a concerned Burlington homeowner.  Hill says he’s been trying for years to get the city of Burlington to step in.

Currently the city of Burlington doesn’t have an ordinance saying what homeowners can and can’t have on their front porches.

Jack Rutherford said having no rules hurts home values and the entire city.

“People coming into the city with the possibility of setting up commercial enterprises or bringing companies to the city or bringing companies to Alamance County,” he said.

The homeowners FOX8 spoke with would like the city to treat junky porches like they do tall grass.

“You put a notice on there, you got 10 days to clean this junk off your porch.  After the 10 days you fine them,” Hall said.

The issue has been brought up to city council.  City officials said the issue isn’t on any upcoming agendas but could be discussed after the election.


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