Weather Blog: Are you ready for the Season Change?

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Just 65 days ago we were at the peak of summer heat, on July 15th. As we closed out July and moved into August, the normal temperatures slowly lowered on the order of a few tenths of a degree a week. Once we got to late August, the drop became a few tenths per day. Now we are at a point where we lose 3 to 4 tenths per day. Fall is coming fast.

Our hottest date, based on normals is July 15th. On this date, the normal low is 69.3° and the high 88.1°. Normals are of course made up of averages over a long period. Normals are actually based on the averages of the most recent 3 whole decades. So right now, we use the years 1981-2010 for our normal data set.

Since this hottest date, 65 days ago, we have now lost 9 degrees from our highs and lows.   We will now lose another 10 degrees in just the next 4 weeks. 

Date                  Normal Low                   Normal High

Sept. 18                   59.8°                          79.0°

Sept. 25                   56.9°                          76.6°

Oct. 2                       53.9°                          74.3

Oct. 9                       51.1°                          72.1°

Oct. 16                     48.6°                          70.2°

Full set of normals for the Piedmont-Triad temperatures

Ready or not, fall arrives this Sunday, Sept. 22nd at 4:44 pm.

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