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‘Invisible Man’ banned from Randolph County Schools

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RAMSEUR, N.C. — The Randolph County School Board voted Monday night to pull Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” from its library shelves after a parent complained, The Asheboro Courier-Tribune reports.

In a  5-2 vote, the Randolph County Board voted during its regular meeting to remove all copies of the book from school libraries.

Both school and district committees recommended that the book remain in schools, however, a motion to the book on the shelves was defeated.

According to the paper, the school board members presented the issue on Monday in response to a 12-page complaint from the mother of a Randleman High School junior who said in part, “The narrator writes in the first person, emphasizing his individual experiences and his feelings about the events portrayed in his life. This novel is not so innocent; instead, this book is filthier, too much for teenagers. You must respect all religions and point of views when it comes to the parents and what they feel is age appropriate for their young children to read, without their knowledge. This book is freely in your library for them to read.”

“Invisible Man,” originally published in 1952, addresses many of the social and intellectual issues facing African-Americans in the first half of the 20th century.

It was one of three books from which rising Randleman High School juniors could choose for summer reading for the 2013-14 school year.

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