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Winston-Salem is a ‘meaty’ city

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Want a good hot dog, but need plenty of choices? says Winston-Salem leads the nation in the number of hot dog vendors per capita. The city also made the website's annual list of America's favorite cities for meat lovers.

According to, Winston-Salem has 45 hot dog vendors for its population of just over 230,000. New York came in with 89 vendors but a population of over 8 million.

The real estate blog looked at a long list of things like, steak houses per capita, butchers/meat shops per capita, barbecue restaurants per capita, hot dog and burger joints per capita, number of BBQ festivals and cattle ranches within 15 miles to compile the list of 'America's Meatiest City'.

Paul Church, part owner of Kermit's Hot Dogs in Winston-Salem said he's not surprised the Twin City made the list.

"They like it because it's the ol' fashioned way.  Everything's local,  good quality meat and people love it," said Church.

Tim Grandinetti, Executive Chef at The Springhouse in Winston-Salem said being on the national list read by foodies across the country is a good thing.

"From quick service to white table-cloth restaurants, it gives us monster credibility and I love it," said Grandinetti.

The chef also said Winston-Salem is seeing a surge of local, high quality restaurants alongside long time, fast, family favorites and that creates a great atmosphere for meat lovers looking for all kinds of choices.

"I think that Winston is in beginning of amazing time period for its culinary prowess.  In a way, we are chasing the Triangle, we are chasing Asheville, but we are demanding and are due this respect based on work and quality of food putting out," said Grandinetti.

Find a complete look at the list and criteria here.