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Attracting and keeping young professionals in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Many parts of the Triad are having a difficult time attracting and keeping younger professionals in their area.

A UNCG "State of the City" report shows about 25 percent of Greensboro's population is made up of 25-34-year-olds. The number of people in the younger professional crowd has increased 1 percent since 2000.

Gary Graham runs a job placement company in Greensboro and admits attracting younger professionals and keeping them in the city can be tough.

"It's kind of catch 22. Younger professionals want to be with other younger professionals," Graham said.

According the "State of the City" report, Greensboro's population has increased about 20 percent since 2000, but that's lagging behind some other major cities in the state.

Raleigh's population increase 46 percent, Charlotte jumped to 35 percent and Winston-Salem has seen a 24 percent growth since 2000.

Officials and younger professionals hope if downtown continues to improve, it can be a huge asset for the younger professional crowd and the city as a whole.

"I think in terms of making it a more desirable city for young people it just needs to continue to develop," said Matt Anderson, a two-year Greensboro resident.

Synergy, a downtown group part of Action Greensboro, is holding a panel discussion to talk about the potential ideas for the city.

The meeting is Tuesday at noon at Action Greensboro on South Elm Street.

"We are on definitely on the right track," said April Harris, with Action Greensboro