West Stokes fans wear red to honor East Surry student

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KING, N.C. -- Two rival high schools played each other Friday, but fans from both came together to support a student injured in a car wreck.

15-year-old Jacob Pettitt is still in critical condition at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center after a car accident on the night of September 4.

Friday, Pettitt’s school's football team, East Surry High School, played at West Stokes High School. The schools are 10 miles apart, on either side of the county line.

Some of the fans of the West Stokes Wildcats sported the red usually reserved for East Surry, and it was all for Jacob Pettitt.

"We just want to show that even though we don't know them, we support them, and we're here for them," said senior cheerleader Jessica Davis.

Although the schools are rivals, many of the students are friends with each other.

Some West Stokes fans also wore gold in honor of a member of the Wildcat family who died early Thursday morning. 17-year-old Austin Brewster died in a vehicle accident.

"You missed out if you never met (Austin)," said senior cheerleader Allison Carter.

West Stokes went on to win the football game with a 16-9 victory.