Pro Refrigeration Inc. officially open for business in Mocksville

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DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. – Pro Refrigeration Inc. is officially open for business in Mocksville.

With Governor Pat McCrory on hand the Washington-based company celebrated opening its East Coast production facility in Davie County Tuesday. The move helps put the refrigeration manufacture close to its main customers which include the dairy, winery, food processing, medical and craft brewing industries.

“We really feel like North Carolina is a fantastic state for beer and we are one of the leaders in the industry right now,” said Erik Myers of Mystery Brewing just one of many Pro Refrigeration customers attending the grand opening. “We got a lot of brewers moving in from outside the state but to have support industries come in as well it makes things a lot easier for us and means a lot more support for the local economy.”

The company plans to create as many as 85 jobs over five years, invest $4.9 million in the local economy and in turn gain incentives approved by the Davie County Economic Development Commission.

The project was also made possible in part by a performance-based grant from the One North Carolina Fund of up to $75,000. The state grant will be based on the company creating 58 jobs and investing $3.6 million over the first three years of the project.

“We made an agreement with the state and county that we are going to try to create some jobs in exchange for potential tax breaks,” said CEO Jim VanderGiessen. “I just want [North Carolina] to know I appreciate it and take it seriously.”

The company hopes to ramp up to full production by the end of the year.  Applications are accepted online at