Neighbors seek changes after deadly wreck on Highway 68

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STOKESDALE, N.C. -- A deadly dump truck accident on Highway 68 has neighbors in the area demanding changes be made.

Troopers say 66-year-old James White Jr. died Tuesday when he swerved to miss a stopped car that was trying to turn onto Prince Edward Road.  White's truck flipped several times and dumped its load onto the side of Highway 68 in Stokesdale.

The accident happened outside of Pam Jones' house. She went out to help the victim but it was too late.

"We couldn't do anything for him," Jones said.

Ramon Bell saw the accident outside in his front yard and he says it is not first wreck he's seen there.

"I can't remember the number of times that large trucks have dumped over in my pasture," Bell said.

In the last year, N.C. State Highway Troopers have seen 43 wrecks on Highway 68 within five miles of the Prince Edward Road intersection.

"68 is a two-lane highway that's taking care of four-lanes of traffic," Bell said.

Neighbors want something to be done to make this stretch of highway safer.

"We need a caution light, a turning lane, something because we've lost too many lives here. It's just been too bad," Jones said.

James White Jr.'s friends called him "Limmie" and told FOX8 he had sons and grandchildren.

They described "Limmie" as a hard-working, family man.

This is the first death on Highway 68 this year.