Kernersville neighborhood on edge after series of arsons

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Investigators say five fires in the city appear to be connected and may be the result of an arsonist.

Firefighters say since February fires have been reportedly set in brush, decorative front door wreaths, pine needles and the latest, last week on August 27, destroyed a townhome in the Arboretum neighborhood.

"They are small in nature until last week," says Kernersville Fire Marshal Bruce Hennequin.  "It appears at this point there is likely to be a connection between the fires." All the fires happened with a one mile radius and all but one in the early morning hours.

"The minute that I opened the garage door I discovered a pile of pine needles that had been set on fire," said Chris Drummond who found pine needles set on fire in his drive way and front steps. "It's gone way too far."

Police are keeping a closer eye on the area and asking residents to contact them if they see anyone that doesn't belong in their neighborhood.