Down a player, Carver tops Reynolds 50-0

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. --  The Carver High School football team may have been down a player, but Antwain Porter, victim of Friday's shooting, was on their minds.

School administrators decided to postpone Carver's Friday night football game against RJ Reynolds High until Monday evening following the shooting.

Teammates and parents tell FOX8 that Porter was the 15-year-old who was shot by a classmate during a fire drill just after 2 p.m Friday. Porter survived the shooting and is recovering at home.

Football players and fans said a prayer and held a moment of silence before Monday's game in Porter's honor.

His friends and teammates describe him as a good, caring guy.

"He's a person you can talk to, get a good laugh with, always had your back in a situation. A true friend," explained Darius Alexander, a junior at Carver.

Sophomore Cornelius Cribble was right next to Porter during the shooting.

"I just thank God it wasn't me. When I saw him get shot, honestly everything went so fast, I was so shocked I couldn't believe this is really happening," Cribble said.

Extra police officers, including Officer Tim Wilson who took down the suspected shooter, were patrolling the stadium during Monday night's game.

Officer Wilson did not talk to FOX8 on camera, but did say he's received a lot of "thank you's" from the community.

There will be extra officers at Carver and the other schools in the district on Tuesday.

There will also be crisis counselors for students if needed.

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