Greensboro fast food workers demand $15 per hour wage

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Fast food workers held a protest on Battleground Avenue demanding higher wages and chanting, "Hold the burger, hold the fries, we want our wages super sized."

Minimum wage workers earn $7.25 an hour, but are arguing they deserve $15 an hour.

"We're at the bottom of the food chain.  It doesn't make any sense," explained Jaron Brown, a KFC employee.

An employee making $7.25  that works 30 hours a week, will make just over $11,000 a year.

Dansirae McVay is a single mom who lives in Greensboro and has worked in the fast food industry for 10 year. She says she's even trained as a manager, but is still stuck asking $7.25.

"I spend more time at Taco Bell than I do with my kids," she explained.

Dr. Daniel Hall is an economics professor at High Point University and  says if fast food workers get their way, it may not be a total win for the customers or the employees.

"The likely result is you're going to have more unemployment in that sector," Dr. Hall explained.

North Carolina has nearly 125,000 fast food workers.

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