A voice for abused, neglected animals in Forsyth County

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The number of animals being adopted is up in Forsyth County, while the number of abused and neglected reported is not going down.

"We are still receiving nearly 3,000 complaints about neglected and abused animals on average each year," says Forsyth Animal Control director Tim Jennings. While the number of abuse and neglect complaints remain the same Jennings says the number of dogs subjected to dog fighting seems to have went down. "We are not saying it's not around it's still around. In the shelter the amount of start-up pit bulls [arriving] seems to be decreasing from where it was just a few years ago."

"[Dog fighting] usually happens in a place where there is property with a lot of land where it can be hidden," says Lori Shore-Smith who investigates cruelty cases and helps rehabilitate abused animals. "We see embed chains, emaciated dogs. We see dogs that are tied out in the sun with no shade and these animals suffer and it's time that everyone takes a stand and be a voice for these animals."

Shore-Smith says more people are willing to speak up and suggest if you see abuse to call your local shelter, humane society or rescue group. You can remain anonymous. "Keep calling until you are satisfied with the end result. Don't let that animal remain there to suffer."