High Point councilman owes the city $32,000

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A High Point City Councilman owes the city $32,000 over 2002 lawsuit.

Councilman Foster Douglas and his brother lost a lawsuit they filed with the city of High Point over a civil rights violation in 2003. The city had to pay the legal fee to defend itself, which was about $20,000.

A federal judge ordered the brothers to pay the city's legal fee, but they never did. With interest, the new bill now adds up to more than $32,000.

"I've answered what I will answer and what I want to answer. I've told you what my answer was, I will get with my colleagues and we will hash out how this will work," Councilman Foster Douglas explained.

During Monday's city council meeting, Douglas did not discuss his debt, but did address the council on several other issues, like accusing the city and city manager of misusing money for travel costs and health insurance policies.

"We will look into those numbers. They are eight-years-old so we will have to go back and dig them out and see what they mean but I don't see any problems with them," explained High Point City Manager Strib Boynton.

Councilman Douglas said that during his term, he never used the city's health insurance plan which saved the city about $56,000.

The city manager says health insurance savings isn't the issue.

"The hard reality is he still owes $32,200 and some odd dollars from a 2003 judgement that's the issue," Boynton said.

After the meeting, FOX8 asked Councilman Douglas if he plans on paying his debt.

"Of course we will," he replied.