Greensboro Police crackdown on seat belt violators during first week of new campaign

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Police have wrapped up their first week of the "Aggressive Driving Enforcement Campaign," a yearlong initiative to step up traffic enforcement in Greensboro.

In the first week, officers handed out 120 tickets for seat belt violations along Wendover Avenue.

"We see the real side of crashes and I know what happens when you're not wearing your seat belts, so to be honest with you, it's pretty important to us," explained Greensboro Police Officer JB Price.

North Carolina law states that everyone in the car has to be wearing a seat belt, and drivers are responsible for passengers under 16-years-old.

"Some children weren't even in child seats at all. They were just stuck in the back seat. A few were just in seat belts," Officer Price explained.

The Greensboro Police Department studied Wendover Avenue for over two years and determined that it was one of the worst roads in the city for traffic accidents.

Officer Price says he was even surprised by the number of seat belt violations that were written up in just a week.

"It is a primary reason to stop someone not wearing a seatbelt in the front seat of the car as well as any child restraint violations," he said.

Seat belt usage in Guilford County has decreased to 86 percent over the past year.

"Seat belts aren't necessarily designed to keep you in place they are designed to keep you inside the vehicle, which is actually the safest place to be in a crash," he explained.

Increased enforcement on Wendover Avenue will continue for the next eight weeks, and be monitored over the next 12 months. Officers also plan to move the operation to other trouble spots within the city.