Construction well underway along Clemmonsville Road

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.  -- Road construction is well underway along Clemmonsville Road. Many motorists, who use the busy road daily, say they can already tell a difference since sections were widened and a roundabout was put in place.

"Traffic has always been rough through here including a few accidents," said Wayne Holiday who lives alone Clemmonsville Road. "It's really hard to get out of here."

City crews are in the process of widening the two lane road to three lanes between Old Salisbury Road and South Main Street.  The upgrade will include a center turn lane and 14-foot through-lanes to be shared by motorists and bicyclists.

To cut down on intersection accidents crews are constructing three roundabouts, one at each intersection with ramps from Peters Creek Parkway and one at Sides Road.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is paying $9.6 million for the project, with the City of Winston-Salem paying the rest. No word on when the entire project will be complete.