NC hotel closed after concerns of bedbugs

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A stock image of bedbugs on a mattress.

DUNN, N.C. — A North Carolina hotel has been ordered to shut down after health department officials received complaints of bedbugs, according to The Fayetteville Observer.

The Harnett County Health Department has closed a Comfort Inn on Bud Hawkins Road in Dunn following an investigation.

Bedbug exoskeletons were reportedly found in eight rooms on the hotel’s first and second floors.

Investigators said bedbug fecal matter was found on walls and mattresses and remnants of bedbugs were found in bed frames and windowsills.

The hotel was forced to shut down until the business can meet the health department’s requirements for reopening, which include cleaning and removing infestation.

A health department official said it is not the first time they’ve received complaints about bedbugs there.

Debra Hawkins, a public information officer for the health department, said they’ve been working with the hotel for the past year to control the problem.

Bedbugs are small parasitic insects that feed on blood. Officials said it remains uncertain how long the hotel will remain closed or what cause the infestation.

Source: The Fayetteville Observer