Six-pound dog chases bear out of N.J. home

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RINGWOOD, N.J. — A six-pound Yorkshire terrier named Joe chased a 100-pound bear out of his owner’s home.

CBS New York reported that the small dog fended off the bear after it entered the home of his owner in New Jersey.

The dog’s owner, Deborah Epstein, said she accidentally left her door open when she went outside. She said bears are common where she lives.

Epstein said she heard her dog start barking like crazy and then returned to find a bear inside.

“He barks when anybody comes, but this one sounded a little more furious than usual,” she said.

The bear reportedly went toward the dog’s food bowl, but Joe started attacking the bear and eventually chased the animal out the door.

“I saved him from the pound, and he saved me from a bear,” Epstein said, according to CBS New York. “We’re even.”

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