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Program helps cancer patients ‘Look Better, Feel Better’

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Going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment not only has an effect on an individual’s health, many times it can have an effect on their self-esteem as the medical therapies can cause many physical changes, such as hair loss, weight gain or loss, and changes to the skin and nails.

The Look Good, Feel Better program was inspired back in 1989 when a doctor wanted to help one of his cancer patients who was battling depression due to the difficulties of dealing with the side effects of her treatment. The program has since been implemented in communities throughout the nation to help cancer patients combat the appearance-related side effects of their treatments.

The Look Good, Feel Better program teaches cancer patients beauty care techniques to utilize throughout their treatment process. The class begins with skin care and make-up tutorials, followed by lessons in head covering and wig techniques, and finishes up with nail care. Each participant is provided with a make-up kit that also comes with a beauty care tip book that patients can also take notes in and refer to after the class.

Cone Health Cancer center has teamed up with the local chapter of The American Cancer Society to offer the Look Good, Feel Better program to cancer patients in the Community. The program not only arms patients with the tools to improve their self-esteem while going through treatment, it offers a chance for individuals going through the same difficult challenges to gather and uplift one another. This program is part of Cone Health Cancer Center’s dedication treating the ‘whole’ person through the latest advancements in medical therapies, as well as comprehensive support programs to promote overall well-being and healing for cancer patients in community and their families.

Spokesperson Background:

Joyce Penn is a breast cancer survivor and group facilitator for the Look Good, Feel Better program co-sponsored by Cone Health Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society. She is a licensed cosmetologist, practicing for 30 years. Penn received her cosmetology training from Leon’s Beauty School in Greensboro. She has been a cancer survivor for two years.