Robbers target barber shops, salons in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point Police are searching for suspects who broke into five businesses along West Lexington Ave. and North Main St. on Saturday night.

Optime Salon is one of the businesses that had its door smashed. Though nothing was taken from the salon, owner Alice Saintsing is upset that someone would even try breaking into her business.

"It's just the violation of your space that bothers you when people break in," Saintsing said.

Four other salons and barber shops near Optime were also broken into.

At Model Barbershop, a cash register with $3.00 was taken.

"We were broken into a couple of times. They came in and took what we have. We leave a little petty cash not enough for someone to break in for," Model's owner said.