Teens taking selfies could signal underlying issues, says teen

Teenage girls are best known for posting selfies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The selfies are often viewed as a fun way for teens to show friends what they're doing, but a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald addresses the possible problem behind the "selfie craze."

Olympia Nelson, 11, who wrote the article, said selfies are an easy way to get "likes" on Facebook. She adds that many girls measure their self-worth by how much attention they can get on social media.

"That's the reason we see mirror shots, pouting self-portraits of teenagers (typically female) and sexually suggestively posed girls in a mini-dress ''before a party last night''. They're showing how much they like themselves and hoping that you'll hit ''like'' to reinforce the claim."

She said many teens crave validation, and some girls are tempted to take risque photos to get that needed attention and approval.

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Here are some selfies Brad, Cindy, Shannon and Kerry shared this morning:


kerry2 shannon2 cindy2

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