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Greensboro residents clean-up after flooding, brace for more rain

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- People who live in Greensboro are dealing with the aftermath of flooding Thursday night and bracing for more rain this weekend.

Derrick Siggers-Bay is used to some flooding on Shelby Drive in Greensboro, but he said last night's rain came down heavier than usual.

"You know even after the rain stopped, it looked like the Mississippi River," said Siggers-Bay, pointing up and down Shelby Drive.

One woman's car flooded well above the tires. Several vehicles were towed from Big Tree Way off West Wendover Avenue.

"I stood at the end of [my] driveway with my raincoat on and my flashlight to try to warn people not to come this direction," explained Siggers-Bay.

He lives across the road from South Buffalo Creek in Greensboro.

Some of his neighbors went chasing after mailboxes caught in the road-turned-river, hammering them back in place Friday.

Virginia Spillman is a Stormwater Engineering Supervisor with the city of Greensboro. After taking a look at the flood plain maps specifically where Siggers-Bay lives, she believes last night was a hundred year flood.

"People get confused and they think it's a flood that happens every hundred years," she explained, saying the term refers to a one percent chance of flooding to a certain point. "It could happen three or four times a year. It could happen again tomorrow. It's just a probability."

Spillman added, "The gentleman you guys talked to potentially could have gotten the water almost up to his home."

She says recent flooding has simply been a case of too much rain too quickly.

"Mother Nature was really really beside herself last night," insisted Siggers-Bay.