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Fox & Friends host accidentally hits toddler in face with basketball

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Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade had a rough morning – and his co-hosts had some fun with an unfortunate blooper.

Kilmeade accidentally hit two-year-old trick shot phenom Titus Ashby in the face with a basketball on live TV.

Titus was showing off his basketball skills on Thursday outside the Fox News headquarters when Kilmeade tossed a basketball to the toddler. The ball struck Titus in the face and he immediately started crying.

After a short break, Titus recovered and was back to playing basketball. However, not before Kilmeade’s co-hosts could have fun with the incident.

Gretchen Carlson instructed the toddler to seek revenge.

“I have a really good idea for ya, buddy. Take that ball right now and throw it as hard as you can at (Kilmeade),” Carlson said.

Kilmeade joked he would have to retain Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. as counsel.