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Lexington man hopes pigeon racing ‘takes off’

Lexington native Scott Sink has a passion for racing pigeons.

Several times a week, he takes the birds to an open field where he says he “conditions” them, as you would an athlete.

“You need to get them conditioned, like a marathon runner,” he says.

The pigeon racing club that Scott belongs to, Tarheel Racing Pigeon Club, has been around since 1959. During racing season, he and the other club members gather for their preseason check-in, where the birds are loaded into a special trailer and taken to a release point, usually about 400 miles away. The birds are then tracked using electronic leg bands.

You may be wondering how they know where “home” is.

“I don’t know, they do though,” Scott explains.

Once the birds arrive at their final destination, receivers register the electronic leg bands.

Sink hopes the “sport” of pigeon racing will, literally, take off.

“They call it the poor man’s horse racing!”

Learn more about Sink’s Tarheel Pigeon Racing Club here.


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