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‘Biggest Loser’ contestant sued for gaining weight

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This photo, taken last month, shows Tara (right). (Photo posted on Twitter by @Tara_Costa)

This photo, taken last month, shows Tara (right). (Photo posted on Twitter by @Tara_Costa)

She once lost 155 pounds on “Biggest Loser,” but now she’s being sued for gaining back too much weight.

A fitness company claims Tara Costa violated a business agreement with them, saying she had “gained far too much weight” to make personal appearances on behalf of the company.

The company paid Costa $45,000.

The lawsuit claims Costa had agreed to maintain her current level of fitness and conditioning during the length of the agreement.

The company says Costa had re-gained too much weight in 2011 to represent the brand in photos and public appearances. In 2011, the company claims she weighed 161 pounds, 22 pounds heavier than her 2009 weight.

Costa reportedly started losing weight over the past few months in an effort to try and get back on track, but it was not enough for the company.

Do you think the fitness company is justified in its lawsuit?