AT&T to sell customers’ information; how to opt-out


AT&T quietly updated their privacy policy last week announcing plans to selling customers’ information to marketers and other businesses, according to a report from Huffington Post.

According to the report, AT&T has more than 105 million subscribers and would give advertisers access to that database. The company would sell your information based on where you connect to WiFi, what you view on the web and apps you use.

AT&T has clarified that data collected would be anonymous, according to the report.

How to opt-out:

  • If you’re a customer, go to this page and log in using your phone number and password.
  • Go to the “privacy settings” page.
  • Look for this blurb: ”Our External Marketing and Analytics Reports contain anonymous information about groups of our customers. You may choose to exclude the anonymous information from your accounts from these reports.”
  • Check the cell phone number you would like to opt out of sending information.
  • Choose “submit”

While this will stop data from being sold to advertisers, data will still be collected each time you use your phone.

Read more: Huffington Post

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