Weather Blog: It’s been a wet year so far

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Now that we are just past the half way point of 2013, I thought it would be a good time to look back at how wet we have been.   Through July 5th, we have had rain fall on 96 of the 186 days.   When I compared this year to last, I was surprised to see that rain fell on 89 days in the same stretch in 2012.  I was expecting this year to be well ahead of last year.

Speaking of measurements, that is where the years vary greatly.   So far in 2013 we have already picked up 28.83″ as of July 5th.   Last year at this point we had only had 16.01″.   In 2012, we did not total 28.83 inches until September 16th.

As wet as we have been, some folks have had much more.   The below map shows the rainfall totals over the past 90 days across the state.   Here in the Triad we have had near 17 inches since early April.   Some communities in the Piedmont have picked up around 20 inches in that time period.   In the mountains and southern foothills, some locations have seen nearly 30 inches in that 3 month period.

Rainfall past 90 days Ready