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Egyptian military ousts President Mohamed Morsi

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Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, elected just a year ago, has been ousted from power, Gen. Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi just said in a televised address.

El-Sisi, Egypt’s top military officer, announced that President Mohamed Morsi was no longer the leader of the country and warned the military would respond firmly to any violence. He also outlined a political road map for the country to follow.

Anti-Morsi demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, listening to the address, roared their approval when El-Sisi finished.

CNN’s Ivan Watson in Cairo said he had seen Egyptians celebrating the overthrow of Egypt’s first ever democratically elected president.

“I am quite stunned by how much ill will he generated among so many Egyptians, that they throw away the electoral process and start again,” he said.

Morsi’s ouster comes hours after the passing of a deadline set by the military, which had told Mosry, in effect: Make a deal with the opposition and settle the unrest of the past few days, or be ousted.

The officer who announced the move moments ago, Gen. Abdel-Fatah El-SisiEl-Sisi, said the head of the country’s constitutional court will serve as Egypt’s temporary president until a new constitution can be drawn up and new elections can be held.

Car horns are honking and fireworks are going off in Tahrir Square, the heart of the anti-Morsi protests that is still filled with thousands upon thousands of people.

CNN’s Reza Sayah, who’s at the square, described it as “an explosion of joy.”

Credit: CNN