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Tips for keeping mold at bay

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More than 8 inches of rain fell across the area in June and even more is on the way.

Much of that rain has found its way into many residents' homes, causing moisture to build-up and keeping restoration companies very busy.

Companies like SERVPRO are responding to calls about mold from the Triad to the Triangle.

"My guys are beat. They are worked 12 to 15 hours yesterday. They didn't get done until midnight," said Britt Holcomb with SERVPRO

However, Holcomb says not all repairs require a professional. A trip to the local hardware store can provide residents the material and advice they need to keep moisture out of the house.

"You'll find dehumidifiers do an excellent job maintaining percentage of humidity, which is 30 and 40 percent during the summer and 30 and 45 percent during the winter time," Holcomb explained.

If water is coming in from the outside, it needs to be channeled away from your home.

"Placing, positioning catch basins where it can capture water and the piping helps carry the water away from, in a trench, away from the house," Holcomb instructed.

If you have a moisture problem, professionals say you need to move fast to get rid of it because it can quickly lead to mold.