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Heavy rains threaten wheat crops in Davidson County

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Too much rain is hurting wheat farmers across the state, according to agents with the Cooperative Extension. The above average rainfall in the spring and June has created problems that's lowered the quality of the grain.

"The ground is so wet we can't get the combines in," said farmer Tim Loflin who typically would have harvested his wheat crop two weeks ago. "If we could just get in to harvest, if mother nature would give us a little sunshine."

Cooperative Extension agents say because of so much wet weather, some growers are reporting mildew and insects especially in fields where corn was pervasively harvested.

The damp conditions are also causing target spot, a type of fungus, to develop on tobacco. Target spot can usually be controlled by spraying, but lately the ground has been too wet.

Strong wind and hail storms have also destroyed some corn crops.