Cyclist injured in hit and run near Kernersville

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. – A Greensboro cyclist is recovering after a hit and run accident on East Mountain Street near Kernersville Tuesday morning.

The accident happened around 5:20 a.m. on the Guilford side of the county line as Walter Mills, Jr. was headed to work.

Mills said he was wearing a reflective vest and a helmet, and that he’d outfitted his bicycle with a flashing light on both the front and the back. He also said he was traveling next to – not in – the westbound travel lane.

“Next thing I know I went from 15 to 60 all at once,” Mills said. “This guy was riding that line. I guess he wasn't even watching what he was doing.”

Mills said he rolled three times and came to a stop. The suspect vehicle did not. Mills guessed it was a dark, late-1990s Honda Accord, but he wasn’t sure because he was rolling and then the car drove away.

“It's got a missing right mirror now because the deputy sheriff found it,” Mills said.

A Guilford County sheriff’s deputy responded initially, as did Guilford County EMS from Station 16 in Colfax. The State Highway Patrol is investigating.

Mills said the Piedmont is a dangerous place to ride for cycling enthusiasts, and that needs to change.

“There's so many people, motorists, that don't understand the true rules of the road,” Mills said.

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