Wet weather taking a toll on crops in Alamance County

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C.-- A soggy spring and strong summer thunderstorms have soaked acres of corn, tobacco and wheat in Alamance County.

Normally, the Herbin farm is a busy place, but lately the fields have been vacant.

Mike Herbin can't replace his wheat with soy beans because the ground is too soft from months of rain.

A hail and wind storm in June destroyed 50 percent of his corn crops.

"A hail and wind storm knocked down several rows of corn and the corn on the ground can't be saved," Herbin said.

Additionally, the damp conditions are causing target spot, a type of fungus, to develop on tobacco. Target spot can usually be controlled by spraying, but lately the ground has been too wet.

"Tobacco is the one crop that has potential, but the Lord has to look after the potential," he said.

Herbin adds the tobacco crop can be saved if our weather drys out.