Man banned from restaurant because of tattoo

NORRIS LAKE, Tenn. -- A Tennessee man claims he was discriminated against because of a tattoo.

Mike McKeown says the owner of the Bubba Brew’s restaurant made him feel unwelcome after noticing his “I <3 Strippers” tattoo.

He said the owner told him to cover the tattoo because it was offensive to families who were eating there.

“There were some kids trying to figure out what he had written all over his body," the restaurant's owner, Ned Bass, said.  "You know, it's real simple.  We pay the mortgage, we pay the insurance -- we're going to make the rules.”

Bass says he banned McKeown from the restaurant for a year, but McKeown said he has no desire to return to the establishment anyway.

Do you think restaurants should be able to ban patrons for their ink?

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