McCrory won’t act to save jobless checks

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Gov. Pat McCrory

RALEIGH, N.C. — State House and Senate Democrats are calling on Gov. Pat McCrory to save federal unemployment benefits scheduled to end July 1 for 71,000 people in North Carolina.

McCrory says that call won’t be answered, according to WRAL.

The benefits are ending because Republican leaders enacted legislation that cuts state unemployment benefits. It’s part of an overhaul GOP leaders say will help state employers dig their way out of a $2.5 billion debt to the federal government, incurred when the state’s unemployment fund ran out of money during the recession.

“I’m taking a risk,” McCrory told WRAL Wednesday, “but we’re going to put more people into jobs as opposed to on government payrolls and paying debt that we don’t have a way to pay back.”

The overhaul takes effect next Monday. Under federal rules, states that change their unemployment benefits lose eligibility for federal extended benefits, paid to long-time jobless workers who have exhausted other assistance.

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