Injured Elkin soldier returns from Afghanistan, receives Purple Heart

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ELKIN, N.C. -- Army Sergeant Brent Puckett was welcomed home by family and friends in Elkin Wednesday after his Purple Heart presentation and close call in Afghanistan.

Puckett was injured on May 15 while his unit was about to disable an improvised explosive device or an IED.

"We either call for back up to destroy them or disassemble them ourselves. In this case, we could do it, " Puckett said. "I was going to get a better look at it for an area, and I was kind of hiding behind another vehicle and looked out the side to get a visual of where it was, an that's when it went off."

Puckett said six other soldiers were injured from the explosion. One died.

He received treatment and surgery for shattered bones in his hand and right knee at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Puckett was presented with a Purple Heart from the Army for his bravery.

His mother, Suzanne Puckett, said she is happy to have her son home safe for a few weeks, until he has to go back to Fort Stewart at the Healing Transition Unit Sunday.

The Puckett's said they are very grateful for all the prayers and support of the entire Elkin community.