4 ways to better handle yourself during an interview

Looking for a job can be tough -- and one critical part of the process is interviewing.

Career expert Randy Wooden stopped by the studios Tuesday morning to offer some advice about how to handle yourself during an interview.

Here are some of his tips:

  1. Don't bring up money -- it makes you seem like that's what motivates you.  If they bring it up, it's fine to talk about -- but don't bring it up yourself.
  2. Avoid asking about overtime or working weekends -- it makes it seem like you're not willing to do those types of things.  Instead, ask if the interviewer can walk you through a typical day.
  3. Avoid close-ended questions that will result in a "yes" or "no" answer.  Instead, ask open-ended questions that will further engage the conversation.
  4. Make sure you ask the right questions for the person you're speaking with.  For example, if you're talking to a CEO -- don't ask him where you'll be parking!

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