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Some upset at lack of funding from Guilford Co. Commissioners

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Guilford County Commissioners approved a budget on Thursday night, but school officials say it isn’t enough for repairs and instructional needs.

Guilford County's 2013-14 fiscal budget was approved in a 7-1 bipartisan vote, including the $1.5 million dollars allocated to Guilford County Schools.

School officials asked commissioners for a little more than $20 million to meet their needs, but county commissioners blame the lack of funding on a $14 million dollar deficit.

Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson, who voted in favor, said he hopes the money goes where it's most needed.

"We have teacher assistants that could be cut among other things," Branson said.

School officials say the lack of funding will result in fewer teachers but more students in the classroom. Plus, educational field trips could end.

Supporters hope the district will seek more funding sources in the meantime.