Greensboro City Council unanimously votes to approve tree ordinance

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GREENSBORO, N.C.-- Greensboro City Council unanimously voted to approve a tree ordinance Tuesday night.

According to the ordinance, Duke Energy would have notify the city of their plans to cut down trees 60 days before taking any action. Forty-five days before a tree cutting, homeowners would be notified and then have the option of scheduling a community meeting, to appeal the process.

Residents will be given a 7 day warning before any trees are cut.

"The biggest change is whatever we do will extend to private properties, which was done before," said Nancy Vaughan, Greensboro City Council member.

The city will still have to meet with the Utilities Commission to finalize details, such as the homeowners' appeal process.

"Hopefully this city will be a model for all other cities in the state," said Ben Andrews, a homeowner who had several trees removed.

The measure comes after Duke Energy cut down several trees in the Westerwood, Sunset Hills and Southside neighborhoods in December.