Clemmons elementary school hosts lemonade stand to raise money for childhood cancer

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CLEMMONS, N.C.-- Students in the Exceptional Children's Program at Southwest Elementary School in Clemmons are not only helping raise money to fight childhood cancer, they are also hosting a lemonade stand that's providing important life lessons like manners, communication, and math skills.

Students hosted their second annual Alex's Lemonade Stand Thursday hoping to raise over $700.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is a national non-profit group that raises money to fight childhood cancer. It was named after 8-year-old Alexandra Scott from Connecticut, who started her own lemonade stand while fighting cancer when she was four, hoping to help other children in "her hospital."

Maria Vernon, Speech-Language Pathologist at Southwest, said the stand is a good way to teach the kids many types of lessons.

"All of these children have speech and language and communication needs and we want to help these children become better communicators, but here they also are able to work on language skills, their math, sequencing, and planning. It's just a wonderful opportunity for them to interact with other students and ask and answer questions," Vernon said.

"It was awesome. It's to help people. I learned manners," 8-year-old Nathian Kimmer said.

"It makes them happy and it makes me happy too," 9-year-old Michael Allen said.

Vernon said seeing the kids reaction and watching the learn made the stand a success.

"Alex taught others that a small act of one person can help others in a really big way, this is a small act that we're doing to help others," said Vernon.

If you would like to donate check out Southwest's lemonade stand website at