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Greensboro Fire Department ready in case of building collapse

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GREENSBORO, NC -- The Greensboro Fire Department is one of three fire departments in North Carolina with the highest training and technology to be able to take over in case of a building collapse.

Firefighter Tony Guerrini hadn't seen much of the coverage of the Philadelphia building collapse Wednesday, but he said locating and saving trapped victims is a long process that requires quick action.

"The sooner we can locate them and determine our plan of action the quicker we can get them out," Guerrini said.

To do that, the fire department uses sound and video technology to find injured or trapped people and assess their situation.

They may have serious, debilitating injuries. They may be unconscious. They may be fine, but stuck in a void that is ready to collapse.

"We have the tools and the training to tackle any of it," Guerrini said.

Guerrini said the department has only done training so far, but that it's ready to get to work if anything were to happen in Greensboro that was similar to what happened in Philadelphia.

"We have this equipment. There are a bunch of us that have this training and the desire to do it. If -- God forbid  --something like that does happen in this area, we're here and we have the capability to respond to it," Guerrini siad.