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Twins from Ghana graduate from Andrews High School

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Twin brothers Derrick and Dennis Azorlibu moved to the United States from Ghana five years ago.

Despite coming to a different country, culture, and academic system, teachers say the two boys have flourished.

Being identical has not stopped the young men from developing their own identities. Dennis hopes to become an aeronautical engineer; Derrick plans to become a medical doctor.

The twins hope to attend college together after graduating from Andrews High School June 8th. They are deciding between Lenoir Rhyne and Central Methodist Universities. They have potential soccer scholarships on the horizon, too.

"They don't let their different culture be a barrier. They actually embrace it and allow other students to get to know them for who they are," explained Tammy Bowman, Academic Facilitator at Andrews High School.

Few can tell the twins apart. Bowman says there is one word that fits them both.

"I would describe them as exceptional," she lamented.