Tax reform may include prescription drug tax

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- Three tax reform bills are currently making their way through the General Assembly and one of them seeks to tax more groups of services and goods than ever before.

Proposed by Senator Bob Rucho, the plan lists 130 potentially taxable goods and services and one of the 130 is prescription drugs.

Pharmacist Dave Marley takes issue with that plan.

"It's cold. It's out of touch. It's stupid if you ask me," Marley said.

Marley is also the CEO of Marley Drug on Peters Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem.

He said he tries to keep prescription drug costs down and doesn't need the government raising the price for him.

"To add a seven percent tax to [prescription drugs] -- that's just going to be another expense that many people can't afford," Marley said.

Rucho told the Raleigh News and Observer, that North Carolina's income taxes are too high for individuals and corporations. He believes the whole tax system is outdated.