High Rock Lake residents want no-wake zones

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LEXINGTON, N.C. --Even after two decades, Greg Wray still enjoys his time on High Rock Lake in Lexington.

Wray lives in Hickory Point, where the way of life on the lake he's used to could soon change.

Several of his neighbors are requesting slower-speed, no-wake zones to increase safety in front of their properties.

The no-wake zones would require a speed limit on High Rock Lake. Currently, the lake does not have speed limits.

"I just don't think it will be a good idea. I think people will start nit-picking," Wray said.

The no-wake request is for a stretch of water between Hickory Point Drive and Rockcrusher Road.

Residents say it's a narrow cove that's about 300 feet wide.

Marty Homestead and her husband Frank, who visit High Rock Lake frequently, believe a speed limit is needed.

"There are too many families out here. The kids they want to play. It's just safer if there's a speed limit," they said.

Davidson County Planning Director, Guy Cornman, says according to state law, Davidson County Commissioners have the authority to request no-wake zone buoys on behalf of a person's request.

However, Cornman said that the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission makes the final call, and the county would be responsible for the maintenance of any no-wake zones that may be implemented.

Although there hasn't been an accident in this portion of the lake recently, Les Hall feels those out on the water just need to be a little more respectful.

"You've got to pay attention just like you're driving a car on the road, " Hall said.

Davidson County Commissioners will hold a public meeting to discuss the no-wake zones Monday.