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City hopes to revitalize High Point neighborhood with new program

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HIGH POINT, N.C.--There was a time when Josh Baskin was afraid to talk to his Southside High Point neighbors.

“It was kind of rough for a time. Now it’s better, a whole lot better,” he said.

Baskin says his neighborhood is safer because the City of High Point has replaced the over grown lots and run down homes with new, affordable housing.

High Point's Community Housing and Development Department refers to the new housing as the lease purchase program.

Through the program, potential home owners meet certain income requirements and take several financial and homeowner classes, while making monthly payments toward the purchase of the home. After a year, High Point sells the home to home buyer, and uses the money to buy more abandoned homes.

Bishop Terry Young with Unity Builders is looking forward to opening High Point's Southside to more homeowners.

“We are excited about the opportunity to purchase more property over here and establishing it for the lease purchase,” he said.