Several bear sightings reported in Clemmons

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CLEMMONS, N.C.-- Forsyth County Animal Control and the county Sheriff's Office confirm at least 2 reports of bear sightings in and around Clemmons late Wednesday and early Thursday.

Sheriff's deputies say they were called just after 8 p.m. Wednesday that a small bear was seen running across Lewisville/Clemmons Road near West Forsyth High School.

Dustin Johnson says he first thought it was a dog.

"Basically like you do a bear crawl in work-outs, that's how it was doing across the street.  This is Clemmons, you don't expect to see a black cub or black bear run across 5 feet in front of your car," said Johnson.

Hours later, around 1:30 A.M., a man living in the Chamberlain Place Apartments off Kinnamon Road reported seeing the bear in the woods behind his apartment while walking his dog. Forsyth County Animal Control says it was also called about a bear sighting in the Cameron Village neighborhood around the same time.

Tim Jennings with Forsyth County Animal Control says most often, the young bears are just passing through. They are attracted to things like trash and bird feeders. Jennings says they normally want nothing to do with humans.

Animal Control says there have no reports of damage related to the bear. They don't typically respond to sightings.

In North Carolina, state law requires local animal control offices contact state wildlife officials if the bear becomes a nuisance. Wildlife officials do not recommend trapping or moving bears, instead most often will use humane tactics to scare them out of the area.

Knowing bears often aren't a bother, those that saw it like Johnson still say, "you don't really expect to see it in such a small city but I guess you can see anything."